Mill Site Boiler
  • Hazelton Mill Site

    Location: South Hazelton, British Columbia
    Application: 3 Bay commercial garage with adjoining office space
    Boilers: P4 32 kW pellet
    Fuel Reception: 1 tonne, square wooden silo
    Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 112 tonne/y
    Start-up Date: November 2016

  • Confederation College

    OPG BioEnergy Learning and Research Centre
    Location: Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Application: District heating of main campus & dedicated research facility
    Boilers: 2 x Turbomat 500 kW (wood chips), TX 150 kW (wood chips & pellets), P4 25 kW (pellets), S3 50 kW (logwood)
    Fuel Reception: Walking floor freight trailer, 120 m3 of chip storage
    Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 1250 tonne/y
    Start-up Date: Various 2014

  • Burns Lake Hockey Arena

    Location: Burns Lake, British Columbia
    Application: Zamboni hot water, heating of floors and seats in viewing area
    Boilers: 3 x P4 60 kW pellet
    Fuel Reception: 20 ft shipping container with auguring feed system, 20 tonne storage
    Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 190 tonne/y
    Start-up Date: January 2012

  • Zajac Children's Ranch

    Location: Mission, British Columbia
    Application: Commercial, indoor swimming pool, remote/off-grid
    Boiler: P4 100 kW
    Fuel Reception: 32 tonne pellet silo
    Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 115 tonne/y
    Start-up Date: November 2014

  • Residential Swimming Pool

    Location: Delta, British Columbia
    Application: 80,000 litre swimming pool
    Boiler: P4 25 kW
    Fuel Reception: Hand filled integral boiler day bin, 160 kg internal storage
    Greenhouse Gas Reductions: 14 tonne/y
    Start-up Date: April 2015