Firewood Boilers

Froling firewood boilers boast superior practical use, sturdiness and safety, resulting from decades of experience. Available in 15 kW to 60 kW output sizes

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Froling FHG Turbo

An easy-to-clean, high efficiency wood boiler with touch digital control, smoke free loading and an odorless carbonisation gas extraction system.

The FHG Turbo firewood boiler focuses on the end users basic needs. Ease of use, easy cleaning and a lengthy, low maintenance service life. It comes standard with many high-end features you might normally find on much more expensive units- at a lower cost. The carbonisation gas extraction system was specifically engineered to maintain a comfortable, clean-air environment when re-loading a firewood boiler. The patented, high temperature combustion chamber ensures excellent and efficient combustion values. Large fuel loading chambers can be filled with ┬Ż meter logs that provide hours of heat, with long re-loading intervals. The speed-regulated induced draught fan accurately controls output providing complete operating safety and peace of mind backed by a limited 20 year warranty.

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Features at a Glance

  • High efficiency
  • Easy reloading, fuel lasts a full day
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Easy fuel refill system for no hassle wood heating