Wood Fuels

Providing wood chip and pellet boiler systems to heat commercial, institutional and residential buildings

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a wood product that is processed to reduce the water content and increase density, producing a fuel stock that is easier to handle, store and transport compared to cordwood and wood chips. This uniformity allows pellet systems to burn more efficiently. Because the pellets are easier to store and handle, pellet systems tend to be simpler, smaller, less expensive and quicker to install than wood chip systems.

The trade-off is higher cost per unit energy compared to other less-refined fuel stocks such as wood chips or cord wood. Produced from waste wood materials, such as sawdust, mill residues or pine beetle killed whole trees; wood pellet’s contain no artificial chemicals or glues and contribute to a sustainable forestry economy. Wood pellets have been endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are one of the cleanest-burning and most renewable energy sources on Earth.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are the most commonly used energy stock and have been used extensively for heating large facilities due to their inexpensive nature. Chips are produced as a by-product in sawmills and can also be made by chipping scrap wood or whole trees. Wood chips typically contain higher moisture content than pellets making them less economical to ship over larger distances. Due to the non uniform nature of wood chips, wood chip heating systems tend to be more complex and take up more space than a wood pellet system. Typically chips used in an Evergreen system will have an average length of 5cm and be no longer than 12 cm.

Cord Wood

Cord Wood is an ideal fuel for a residential building with your own source of wood. You can utilize your own waste wood and heat your home with no fuel costs! Typically used for smaller buildings, cord wood can be used in a variety of boilers supplied by Evergreen BioHeat.

What fuel stock is right for me?

Choosing the specific fuel source is dependent on each individual projects unique characteristics. Depending on your heating needs and your proximity to a fuel stock will impact the choice of fuel for your heating system. If you have your own source of fuel, a wood chip or cord wood system may be the best option or if you live far from a pellet mill. A wood pellet system may be more suited for a system that has limited space or is farther from a fuel source. An Evergreen representative will assist in choosing the right fuel stock to fit your individual needs. Call or email us now to find out what system will be right for you.