Getting Started

Interested in a biomass heating system and want to know how to get started saving money and the environment all while stimulating your local economy!

Why use an Evergreen System

Evergreen offers high efficiency boilers that are economical, efficient and critical to lowering greenhouse gas emissions for a sustainable world.


An Evergreen BioHeat System can provide safe, reliable heat while understanding your need to manage money.  A biomass heating system can dramatically or fully eliminate your use of fossil fuels, eliminating your dependence on costly and price volatile fuels.

Evergreen heating systems are of the highest quality and are designed to last for upwards of twenty five years. With impressive pay back periods, a biomass heating system can offer outstanding returns while being contentious of your environment for the years to come. For institutional buildings, an Evergreen BioHeat system is your answer to carbon neutrality, and can lower your buildings operating costs drastically by eliminating expensive carbon taxes and purchasing carbon offsets and not to forgot, cheap fuel.

Biomass fuel is substantially cheaper than fossil fuels and biomass is not tied to global markets and subject to volatile price increases. If you have access to your own fuel supply such as pine beetle killed trees or wood residues, your heating fuel costs could become zero! Even if you have to pay for biomass fuel, you will be seeing substantial cost savings over your previous system. Various options regarding choice of biomass feedstock’s have individual advantages over one another and can lead to significant cost savings.

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Since Evergreen BioHeat systems are of the highest quality and craftsmanship, there is little risk in your investment. You can sit back and enjoy an inexpensive, economical and environmentally friendly heat.


Canada`s cold winter climates causes building heating to be a substantial contributor to Canada`s net carbon emissions. Heating with an Evergreen system can help reduce your heating`s carbon footprint to almost zero. The emissions from a biomass boiler are considered to be carbon neutral, Click here for more, while the boilers operate at above 90% makes for little particulate and NOX emissions.  Evergreen BioHeat offers high efficiency boilers that promote the clean burning of carbon neutral biomass and ensures you are doing your part to contributing to a sustainable society.

Local Benefits:

Using biomass can create jobs for your local communities by harvesting local forest residues to be burned as heating fuel.  The pine beetle killed forests within British Columbia offer a source of biomass fuel that could help rejuvenate economically challenged areas by putting people to work harvesting these diseased trees.  By heating with a locally derived fuel, you are putting your dollars back into your local community promoting growth and prosperous communities.

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