Providing wood chip and pellet boiler systems to heat commercial, institutional and residential buildings

Evergreen BioHeat Ltd, provides cost-effective renewable thermal energy to industrial, commercial and public sector clients. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Evergreen is managed and directed by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs with over 60 years of combined energy and forestry management experience. Evergreen’s mission is to reduce clients’ energy costs, while eliminating CO2 emissions all while stimulating the local economy. With every installation, Evergreen hopes to create job opportunities as well as provide long term sustainable biomass fuel production that creates new jobs for BC as well as keeps energy dollars circulating in the local economy.

As well as being the exclusive dealer of  Froling biomass boilers systems, Evergreen BioHeat has an extensive network of contacts in the biomass and energy sectors. This gives us expert knowledge of the biomass industry, enabling us to source fuel at the lowest cost, resulting in lower fuel costs and greater savings for your project.

Complete solutions for more than four decades

Froling represents state-of-the-art technology that combines sparkling ideas with technology that has stood the test of time. For five decades we have specialised in the efficient use of wood as an energy source and we are a decisive force when it comes to development in this field. Highly efficient and reliable all round solutions make us one of Europe’s leading suppliers.